Great Property Features

Destiny Towers is a retirement community for seniors who are age 62 and older. This 43,000 square foot facility offers our resident a non-smoking, pet friendly environment with a host of amenities.

Great Property Features

Great Residence Features

The building, which is handicap accessible, is complete with 47 one bedroom units, community rooms, laundry facilities, elevator access, and additional storage space.

Spacious Bedroom Apartments

We Care

We believe our caring attitude is as important to the success of our projects as our technical competency, experience and performance track record. Destiny Towers provides a 24-hour answering service so our residents can enjoy living here in comfort.

Friendly, Professional Staff

Destiny Towers, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is a warm and welcoming senior community for people seeking a new residential environment. Complete with 47 units, the property is nestled next to a wooded area with nature trails and curious deer that seem to take pleasure in exploring the ample grounds. Come tour our facility and experience the calm and serenity of Destiny Towers.

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